About This project:

CACTUS Foundation is organizing STOP CHILD SEXUAL AWARENESS Campaigns in NCLP Solapur. NCLP provides Educational rehabilitation of child labours working in various hazardous and non-

hazardous occupations. National Child Labor’s Project, Solapur has 60 centers with approximately 50 children in each center. Total Number of Children – 3000

Project Director of NCLP – Ms. Aparna Bansode


Why this project:

The prevalence of child labor in India is approximately 5 million. Many of the child laborers are being abused at the hands of their care takers, employers or are subjected to Child Trafficking. NCLP is doing a wonderful job in educating and providing vocational trainings to their parents providing them with Mid-Day meal as well as health care facility. However, due to lack of accountability of an elder in the lives of these child laborers, as kids, they are still prone to abuse.


Our Reach:

In 2016-17, we have completed awareness at 50 centers of NCLP.


Our Strategy:

CACTUS FOUNDATION have signed an MoU with NCLP. As part of this partnership, CACTUS Foundation will train the the children on how to protect themselves from Sexual Abuse. The staff is trained on the sensitivity as well as importance of this topic.

Regular follow-ups are arranged with the faculty as well as Children so that the knowledge gained is not lost.


Word of Appreciation

Project Director of NCLP – Ms. Aparna Bansode has been very supportive in providing us the required opportunity to train these children. She is the person who understands the importance of safe childhood. Apart from Vocational Education, mental wellbeing of these children is also very important