Why Responsible Parenting?

When we see kids daily in schools, in shopping malls, somehow we see them as someone who have lost all their patience, who have lost their humility to respect elders, teachers, to respect people who are financially not stable as compared to them. I see them cranky all the time. Unhappy Kids. Mentally disturbed kids, who are so addicted to their gadgets, who no longer believe in the concept of true friendship but just fast friends, who are losing out on expression of their basic emotions. These are self-obsessed kids who later are going to turn into selfish adults

Lets look at the statistics

20% kids report lifetime
prevalence of Depression

 In India, 15 million children

are considered to be over-weight

 In India, approx. 16 teenagers

commit suicides every day

By 9th grade, approx. half of Indian students have tried at least one type of drug

Our Approach

As part of Parenting programs, we –

–> Empower the parents with parenting techniques

–> Educate them about the impacts of bad parenting

–> Inform them about different stages of Child Development

–> Educate them about the emotional needs of a child

–> Provide educational Videos

–> Clarify their doubts and answer they questions

We sensitize and carry our programs in villages, communities, school PTAs, Corporates.

Our Reach

CACTUS FOUNDATION has till date empowered close to 25,000 parents, 4 Villages for responsible parenting.

And our journey in sensitizing parents will continue.


If you wish to organize Parenting Sessions at your place, please get in touch with us